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Site Selection and Destination Management

As a site selection expert A Meeting Space can help you increase productivity, decrease frustration, and produce a more professional and well structured meeting. Not only do we help you find the ideal location for your meeting, but we are there for you through the entire contracting process to ensure that you get best terms possible.

As a client advocate, we work to find the best match for your company! We don't fit your group or meeting into the mold of the needs of a specific hotel or venue. In addition with our experience, we are able to create the best possible terms with the perfect venue with our rate history, space understanding, and relationships with Global Sales and hotel upper management.


There is absolutely no cost to you, the client! A Meeting Space is paid a placement fee from the hotel.


Industry research shows that 40% of a meeting planner’s time is spent on site selection. A Meeting Space can save you that time.


A Meeting Space is a well-respected site selection company that does business in hotels and venues around the world.


A Meeting Space has tremendous buying power that translates into savings for our clients. Hotels recognize and value our business and
work with us to ensure that our clients receive special consideration and very competitive rates.


Our extensive database includes past rates received by our clients, condition and service information, client feedback, and additional facts
that are very useful when selecting and negotiating with hotels to get the best return for our clients.


A Meeting Space associates are seasoned professionals. The AMS team is comprised of former Global Sales Managers, Hotel/Resort
Directors of Sales and Sales Managers, Meeting and Event Planners. With this wealth of experience AMS offers the client invaluable insight into the site selection process from both sides of the buying cycle.

The Agreement…

If your organization is agreeable with our services we will begin the initial site selection search your meeting. These services are free to
meeting planners with sleeping room requirements of 10 guest rooms or more.

The Requirements…

The planner will provide the basic requirements for the program including desired location(s), preferred dates, meeting room requirements, number of sleeping rooms, and any other details that are pertinent to the initial search. We will add special concession requests and tailor your RFP to get the most favorable response.

The Research…

We will search our database of hotels, including comments from other associates and meeting planners on such things as service, physical
condition, and rates. We will compare these results to other resources and check for any special deals available to see if any match your
requirements. Specific hotel requested by planner will be included, as well as those that we find that fit your requirements.

Sending the Lead/RFP…

Request for proposals will be sent out to the hotels and GSOs. We will compile all of the information we receive back from hotels into an easy to read format and send the results back to you.

Narrowing the Decision…

Using the hotel presentation you will select one or more hotels that you are interested in pursuing, and we will request any additional
information you might need. We will also take this time to set up any site tours you request, which will allow you to meet the staff and
become more familiar with the hotel(s). We are available to conduct site tours for you as well, if needed. (Fee for travel may be applicable.)

The Final Contender…

You select the hotel of your choice, and we request that the hotel draw up the contract.


We will review the first draft of the contract from the hotel, ensuring that pertinent clauses and concessions are included. A clause will be
included in the contract stating that the hotel will pay a placement fee to A Meeting Space. You will receive the copy of the contract for
review, and we will negotiate until a final agreement has been reached. You will then sign the final copy of the contract and return it to AMS.

Your Site has been Selected…

The process is complete. It is now time for us to step back and let you begin to work directly with the hotel. We will continue to be there to
assist in any way possible. A Meeting Space is available to assist with full service meeting planning, onsite event management, and online
registration as needed. Please contact your AMS representative for additional details on this service.

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